No Wind Until Sunday – Arghhhhhh!!

Bob, our weather router based in NZ says wait until Sunday or we will be bobbing around on the ocean like a cork. Actually, bobbing around on a windless ocean in a sailboat is nothing like a cork. Its awful. As one empathetic boat neighbour here in San Jose said “it destroys your soul”.

So we continue to work on small boat projects (these are endless), buy water from the Tienda across the street to keep the tanks full, and think wishfully about the possibility of wind in just the right amount showing up no later than Sunday.

We did however receive our certificate of insurance 2 days ago. While sharing hardship stories with the captain of a particularly beautiful 77 foot ketch earlier today, I discovered that they are also waiting for wind to sail to Hawaii and they are so far not able to obtain insurance cover for the leg from Hawaii to Alaska. The boat is clearly worth several million dollars or more so would be considered a “high value boat” that would bring a very handsome premium to the insurance broker. This is additional evidence that obtaining boat insurance is becoming seriously problematic.

2 thoughts on “No Wind Until Sunday – Arghhhhhh!!”

  1. Sounds like you may finally be underway today. Hopefully the winds will cooperate.

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