Boat Preparations

Remembering that “the boat is never ready” is always helpful when thinking about yet another gizmo that is apparently essential for off-shore sailing.  I have therefore decided that while the boat is never ready it must become closer and closer to being ready prior to the fixed but flexible departure date in an assymptotic way.  A corollary of this theorem is that as boat readiness approaches becoming infinitesimally close to “ready” the expenditures necessary to achieve this state increase in a geometric way both in frequency and cost. The proof of this theorem has been recently demJasmineonstrated in an indirect way.  So many FEDEX deliveries have arrived over the past couple of weeks that my dog and the FEDEX delivery guy are now such good friends that he brings dog biscuits for her.

Cutlass Bearing Blues

Propellors should turn easily and when Marathon’s became difficult to turn expert advice was sought.  One week later or so, she has a new cutlass bearing that combines the strength of metal around Beneteau’s idea that fibreglass is all you need.  The insurance survey undertaken while on the hard was very successful, except for the part about water in the rudder requiring a lengthy and $$$ repair.  Hence the new scheduled departure date is 19 September 2009.  Let’s hope for the best possible weather!

Sailing a small yacht from Vancouver to Mexico in 2009 and beyond